S.D. Buddhist Education Council

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July 1998

July-August-September Front Page

S. D. Buddhist Education Council

a. What is the S.D. Newsletter?

The Southern District Buddhist Education Council (BEC) is a committee of the BCA Southern District Council.

Presently we are composed of four (4) lay members, four (4) ministers, and representatives of the affiliated organizations of the Southern District.

Our purpose is to assist in the promotion of religious educational activities in the Southern District.

Some of the activities we have assisted in are: the Southern District Howa Hour weekly radio broadcast, the Mini-district Seminars held throughout our district, the annual religious retreat for the Junior YBA, and the Audio-Visual library located at the Senshin Buddhist Temple.

Other special programs are the taping of our Obon dances for future reference and this, the first edition of our newsletter.

Our hope is that with this newsletter, all of the members of the Southern District will be better informed of the activities in our District.

Gassho, Tom Sasaki, Chairman

Southern District Buddhist Education Council

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